Friday, 12 April 2013

iPhone vs Android Phones

For mobile development job sometime interviewer asks for 5 differences between iPhones and  Android phones, so i am writing this blog post to help my all job seeker friends.

01) Closed systems vs. open systems

iOS is developed by apple, and is a closed source mobile offshoot, based on the Mac operating system, optimized for a mobile device

Android is an open source Linux based operating system developed by Google, optimized for mobile devices

02) Security

iPhone has More security. You can blindly rely on iPhone for your data security and other factors.

Android has less security than iPhone.

03) Battery Life

iPhone is having better battery life but battery is not replaceable.

Now a days few android phones are also having good battery life but not that much of iPhone but you can replace battery.

04) Memory

iPhone comes up with inbuilt memory device. (16GB,32GB,64GB)

In android phone mostly we use SD-cards which is main root cause to data leakage and virus infection.

05) User Control

iPhone has better user interface and UI is really easy to use.

Android UI is also good but not that much appealing 

06) Google Integration

iPhone is having limited Google integration. In ios6 they have moves Google Maps too.

Android is having all Google product integrated in phone right from Google maps to Google voice. 

07) Vendor Lock-in

iPhone comes up with vendor lockin like AT&T or verizon. Now a days they are allowing unlocked phone but cost is too high.
You can use android phone with any carriers.

08) Hardware support

Apple controls all of its hardware, and it is therefore simple to perform the necessary accessory maintenance.

Google’s Android is simply a platform that functions on different platforms, and doesn’t allow for easy accessory support.

09) Developer support

Apple having really state-of-art development tools with proper documentation which will ease life of apple developer. Only thing is that they are having limited access to the resources or we can say device.

Tools available for android is also good but not that much appealing when we compare it with Apple tools.

10) App Market Policy

Apple is having very strict app approval policy, many time it will take a week or two to review and approve the App on app-store which will maintain quality of app.

Google market approval process is not that much strict and app will get approved in 1-3 days.
11) Cost

iPhone is more expensive than other smartphones in the market.

In Android phone you are having lot of varieties available in different price range. 

12) Device Camera

The iPhone 4S and 5 has the best camera we’ve used yet.

Android phones camera is not that much effective but give you more control of your images before and after the shot. 


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